Tight while eating
In the scorching sun that mercilessly beat down on the Savuti plains in Botswana, the fastest land animal raced against antelopes. However, it wasn't just innocent play; it was a fight for survival. After several unsuccessful hunts that took almost half a day, the cheetah finally could summon her young ones for lunch. Nevertheless, the small, young impala wasn't enough for the hungry cheetah family, consisting of a mother and three grown cubs. Each eager carnivore vied for a place at the "table" to secure the maximum share. Despite the tense atmosphere, the brief feast went on without major conflicts, and after it concluded, the family could go for an afternoon nap.
Savuti, Botswana
FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS
400mm ƒ/8.0 1/320 ISO 2000