Only food runs away
It was a calm September morning, and I spent it strolling along the shallow waters of Kodiak Island in Alaska. I was getting a bit bored because I had hoped to see many bears foraging, but unfortunately, either they weren't hungry or they were doing it elsewhere. Suddenly, from the tall grass along the water's edge, a huge bear emerged, looking as bored as I was just moments before ;) It started looking around, and unexpectedly, it sprinted straight towards me. In the camera lens, it was approaching at an alarming speed. I had to use all my willpower to resist the urge to run senselessly, remembering the rule: "Only food runs away." Suddenly, plunging its head into the water, it stopped as abruptly as it had started running. Fortunately, it turned out it was hunting for salmon, not me…
Alaska, USA
FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS
400mm ƒ/2.8 1/1600 ISO 250